Clippy Cloth and Two Hug-A-Bib Infant Sized Bundle

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Clippy Cloth and Two Hug-A-Bib Infant Sized Bundle

Hug-A-Bib is made of a 100% woven cotton interlock front, 100% cotton corduroy back. It has a soft inner layer surrounding an inner waterproof lining.

The newborn sized Hug-A-Bib baby bib measures 8" x 10", the infant sized measures 9" x 11".  This over-sizing ensures that both provide exceptional protection. The front closure is easier on baby's delicate neck. The one piece Velcro strap secures the bib around baby's waist.

Hug-A-Bib is designed to be put on easily with one hand while cradling your baby.

Hug-A-Bib will not move on baby.

Clippy Cloth is 100% woven cotton interlock front & back. Soft inner lining surrounds inner waterproof layer. 100% copper clip (will not rust).

Clippy Cloth measures 12" x 29" to provide superior coverage.

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