Make Mom's Life Easier! Less Laundry = More Baby Time.

By Lorri Schneider,   United States of America   Home and Family: Parenting,  January 25, 2010

"Occasionally products come along that make mom's life easier. The newest ones to do this are the Hug-A-Bib & Clippy Cloth, simple, yet brilliant, stay-put baby bibs & burp cloths."

( January 25, 2010 --


ALLEA Enterprises, Ltd. has just released two innovative new products that very well may revolutionize baby bibs and burp cloths as you know them. The first is Hug-A-Bib, a high-quality, waterproof baby bib that has the unique addition of a Velcro strap that fastens around the waist of the wearer. The Hug-A-Bib does not move on the wearer, thereby providing a superior level of protection. The second is the Clippy Cloth, an over-sized, waterproof, burp cloth which, aside from its superior quality, has the addition of a small clip at the shoulder to attach it to the caregivers clothing so that the infant cannot dislodge it, thereby affording the caregivers clothing superior protection.

These stay-put bibs are perfect for any infant with reflux or GERD, or any infant with neurological disorders that will not permit them to stay still. The bibs unique, stay-put design guarantees that it will not move on the baby - no matter what - so when the reflux does happen it goes on the bib where it belongs, not on baby's clothing. The bib is absorbent, plush and has a waterproof lining to further protect baby's clothing. The Clippy Cloth's larger size and absorbency combined with the waterproof lining makes it the perfect protection for mom when messes happens.

All standard baby bibs and burp cloths have the inherent problem of moving as the baby fidgets and moves, therefore not providing the protection to clothing that was envisioned by the design of the items. Hug-A-Bib and Clippy Cloth, stay-put baby bibs and burp cloths, address and correct these issues.

All products are available on-line at or call toll-free 1-877-LIL-CUTEE (545-2883)