Fabulous Features of Our Products

We chose fabrics based on softness and durability, then added a waterproof lining.
We use 100% cotton fabrics that are super soft and super absorbant! The front is a wonderfully soft, absorbent woven cotton and the back is corduroy. Our burp cloth is woven cotton on the front and back. Combine these wonderful fabrics with a plush inner lining and a waterproof layer, and our bibs provide superior protection.

They are oversized.
Our bibs and burp cloth are oversized to provide better coverage. The bibs are not so large as to be another entire piece of clothing your child has to wear. They are "bibs" just bigger (and better!). The burp cloth is super-sized to provide excellent protection.

They cannot move!! They truly are stay-put!
The amazing thing is that baby's do not mind our bibs as they do not move or flap around to annoy them. Baby's do NOT try to remove our bibs. Since our bibs cannot move on the baby spills go on the bib not the baby!!

Our baby bibs and burp cloths are uniquely suited for baby's with infant reflux or other eating disorders or neurological disorders.
Our bibs cannot move on the baby no matter how much they move or wiggle, they will stay in place and protect the child - guaranteed! Our burp cloth is oversized and waterproof and will not slide off the shoulder no matter how much bending and stooping is done - guaranteed!  We pride ourselves on how wonderfully our products protect baby AND mom.

We use 100% safe fabrics.
The front and back of our bibs are 100% cotton. The inner padding and waterproof liner are 100% polyester. The back of all the bibs is made of cotton corduroy, which gets softer with every wash!

Our products are easy to use!
Hug-A-Bib uses one piece velcro strap to attach it around the baby's waist. It is designed to be easily put on baby with one hand while cradling baby. Clippy Cloth uses a simple mitten clip to attach it to the shoulder of mom's clothing.

Designed by a mother for mothers.
Everything you don't like in a bib and a burp cloth has been eliminated. These truly are the bibs and burp cloths you've been waiting for.

Easy to care for.
Machine wash warm, tumble dry. Simple. We do recommend doing up the strap or clip when you wash.

And most importantly - BABIES LOVES US!!
Hug-A-Bib doesn't flap around and since it fits so nicely babies are not bothered by it and don't try to take it off. Infants love to snuggle into Clippy Cloth's superior softness.

We mean it when we say "Babies love us...moms love us too!!